Frequently Asked Questions

How does work?

First off, welcome to the future of tutoring! It really is easy. You just sign up for an account and then you will receive a welcome email from . You just login at the time of your appointment and you are instantly connected with a live tutor. Tutoring sessions take place in our easy-to-use online classroom, which runs in your web browser.

What advantages does online tutoring have over face to face tutoring?
  • Convenience – tutoring sessions can occur at home or on your smartphone. This cuts down on any travel costs. Also if you are running late for a session you can open it up on your phone. Parents also don’t feel like they need to clean every time a tutor comes over! Haha.
  • Affordability – Most sessions are much cheaper then if you were to higher a one on one tutor with a certified teacher.
  • Atmosphere- Sometimes students feel awkward to ask questions.  STEM Office Hours provides an atmosphere in which all the students in the session feel comfortable and have fun. Most students can’t wait for their next session since many times they have a better rapport with their online tutor then with their classroom teacher!
How do I know if my student will get an equal amount of time, as say, another student in the same session?

Sometimes there will be multiple students in the same session.  Our tutors will make sure that your student has all their questions answered if there are multiple students. Most students prefer more than one student in the session because they learn from each other!

How much does it cost to connect with my tutor?

Check out our packages page to pick a package that is the most convenient and affordable for you

Can I change my plan whenever I want?

Of course! Sometimes the students schedule gets too busy and he/she doesn’t need as many sessions.  On the other hand, if the student begins to struggle in class he/she may need more

What if I don’t use all of my sessions in the 30 day period?

No problem!  They will just carry over to the next 30 day period.  You will be able to use them in addition to the ones that have been ordered for that period.  All unused sessions expire at the end of the school year.

How do I communicate with my tutor?

In the easy-to-use online classroom interface!  You can share files (labs, homework, assignments), write on the whiteboard, raise your hand, instant message, and more! Sign up for a free session now and check it out!

More questions? Send us an email at